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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finaly drew blood with the bow

Thought it wasn't a deer, it was my first turkey ever! 31 yards to boot I must admit it was by far the best bow shot I ever made. As most of my deer are under 20 yards, heck most of the time under 10 yards. But anyway it all took place around 4:30 i was in the midel of texting my hunting buddy to see if he found a place to set up. When I cought them out of the corner of my eye. It was pretty thick where i s was hunting and the big tom didn't stop in the hole in the brush. But the hen did. So i drew and let it fly. The arrow flew true as it looked like it was gonna connect right off the rest. And It did. Right in the upper thigh through the belly and out the other thigh, busted a leg bone and out the other side. Flopped around for 10 yards and dropped dead. Must have cut an artery. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bow hunting

Last Sunday was a bust. It was so darn hot, the deer were sure to smell me up wind. Anyway Going again in the morning be fore I have to go to a wedding. At least it will be the proper weather.
As always stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bow season

Well its right around the corner. Just a couple of days away. While I will be working the first week of season, I plan on making it out very soon to chase them acorn cows. Good luck to all and swat them mosquito and flies. May your arrow fly true and strike with the accuracy of our Indian ancestors. Until my next post stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Teal seson wrap up

We had a great hunt last Saturday. Plenty of teal around to shoot at and plenty worked the decoys as well. At first light we was still setting out decoys. The the Teal started to move, so we ("sioutdoors" and "Zettler" on the fuge) got settled int the buck brush. One lone Bluewing drops into the decoys and jumps around trying to find his place in the blocks. After a few seconds he decides to find rest elsewhere. And then from the right a big flock of Bluewings makes their way around the corner of the buck brush and gives us a fly by. But This was still before legal shooting time. We pondered if that was going to be our only shot at the little blue jets. But that was not the case. Out front a nice group of Teal pass by, I give them my best Bluewing impression I could muster out of my Primos Timber Whench. And they loved it. Circled back around andheaded straight for us. With the decoys set with in 20 yards of our hide I called the shot before they got to the decoys, as to adjust to their speed as we let the hammer fly. I called it out, those famous words every waterfowler loves to hear. TAKE EM. I pulled up and found a target and pulled the trigger back. Boom I watch in amazement as the first shot connects. Found another target and pulled the trigger back for the second time. Boom I watch again in amazement as my second target met its maker. I looked for a third but at this time they had made their way out of range, but that didn't stop me from trying anyway. Boom although this time i couldn't connect with the fastly speeding away jets. All the while I never noticed my hunting partner had shot at all. Let alone nocked two down him self. Thats right 4 with six shots. Now not the best I've ever heard of. But to get two with two shots I think is harder than getting two with one shot when you calculate in their speed. Now We walked out and collected our prize and almost ran back to cover as we knew the Teal wasn't staying around long for the sun she was a rising. We did have a couple of pairs come buy for a look see. Although I couldn't connect the rest of the day my Hunting companion could. He got his four I was happy with the two. At about 8:30 we called it quits as we had a early appointment to get to. On the way back we ran into some boat motor problems and I had to paddle the boat back to the ramp. With a sculling paddle. Good thing we wasn't to far. Just about 3/8 of a mile. About half way there i decided to get close to the bank and walk the boat to the ramp. Talk about a work out. 5mm waders with 1600 grams in the boot, they was not the ideal wader for early season at all. we got loaded up and made our way back home with the felling of pride and yet wanting more at the same time. After all we was just two shy of a full limit. But it was a good season none the less. With sixteen birds killed and a whole heck of alot more shots fired we had a great time. In four hunts each time with two guys i think we did all right. Here is the porch pic from last Saturday Until my next post stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Teal season

Well all i can say is wow. This is the first year that i have had a great teal season. It started at 6:11 when 1 little blue wing landed in the decoys. We hoped and prayed that it would stay until legal shooting time. But alas it it wasn't meant to be. What was meant to be is the six others we downed in high fashion. First group of ducks of the year and the first shot of the year resulted in a Scottish double, that's right 2 with one shot. Nope not from me but my hunting partner Jamie. Oh me of course I missed. But I would exact revenge on the little blue wing jets. All though i couldn't connect for a limit its not for the lack of teal. They was plentiful and lasted longer than the normal hour long flight. Babe the six month old yellow lab of mine didn't perform the way we all want a first hunt to go. She couldn't find the birds as they was falling. So she had a hard time with the blinds. Witch that ain't her fault because I never got to work with her enough this summer. On the bright side she wasn't bothered with two guys blasting away. On the last retrieve when we got about half way there and she spotted a wing flapping and she went right to it and picked it up and brought it to the shore. Oh yeah the best part of the day. I took a header in the water from a submerged stump. All the way up to my neck and over my waders. So i just took them off and hunted in pants and hunting boots. I never got hot after that. Don't know why. Anyway we had fun and what a great way to start the duck season ahead of us. Can't wait to go next weekend as we are going to Branson for 4 days. Until my next post stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Early Goose

so far early goose has been a bust. I did find one field with some geese but never could get permission. We did go anyway to Rend Lake, never seen any geese but did hear a few in the distance. The dog had fun anyway. Oh well maybe the good Lord will bless us with many teal this Saturday. Stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Squirrel Season

Had a good weekend hunting the tree rats. Killed 7 Saturday, in the rain and wet feet to boot. Also killed 5 Saturday, while out by my self this time. That is my first limit this year. It took a while because I was missing alot. Most of the the time when I pull the trigger on the Savage 17 HMR them squirrels come flying of the tree. More often than not I'm used to hitting and not missing. But the last time I bought shell for the gun the didn't have my brand (Hornady V MAX)
so I had to buy the Federal's. I really don't think they are as consistant as the Hornady's. Anyway All squirrels shot in Pig Nut trees or Hickories. It was nice to get alone today. No one to worry about getting in their way or mine. No body whining because they didn't shoot much. Just me the squirrels and my 17 cal. with the BSA sweet 17 6x18 40mm scope. So so nice!!!!anyway for the record its 24 squirrels this year with 14 in my bag and the others spread among friends who I hunt with. Also can't wait till dove season as for now Squirrels may be done for the year, with Doves around the corner and Teal season right after that. Then vacation the second week of September. And Deer in October, and then of course he ducks and geese this winter. But you never know I may sneak a weekend in there somewhere for my friends the Tree Rats. Until my next post stay safe, have fun and keep it in the kill zone.